Do you offer returns/exchanges on products?

Unfortunately there isn’t a return system in place for most of these products as they are created custom for each order. Unless specifically stated, these products are manufactured and sent from a drop-shipping company based in the United States. So, unless there is a manufacturing defect, we cannot offer returns/exchanges. We thank you for understanding, and for supporting this “Little” comic.

What’s up with the shipping prices?

Because our products are created and fulfilled by our drop-shipping partners, we cannot control shipping prices.  As we grow, we hope someday to be able to reduce these costs for you.  We thank you for understanding, and for supporting our comic!

My order was damaged during shipping! 

Oh no! Please email us (contact.littlenuggetcomics@gmail.com) a photo and description of what happened within 2 weeks of receiving the product, and we can work something out.

My order was lost in the mail! 

Oh no! Due to COVID-19, some of our shipping partners have been experiencing delays. If you never received your order please email us (contact.littlenuggetcomics@gmail.com) within 2 weeks after the estimated delivery date. 

I am getting an errors that says “Sorry, no products matched your selection. Please choose a different combination.” 

This means that this particular item is sold out at the moment. Please select a different variation. Sold out items may or may not go back in stock.

I’d like to request a new design/product!

We are planning to expand the store with more stuff, and you’re welcome to email us (contact.littlenuggetcomics@gmail.com) with your suggestions! Bear in mind some designs may be tricky to fit on a product nicely which may be a reason as to why I haven’t done it yet.

For all other questions/concerns, please email contact.littlenuggetcomics@gmail.com